May 7, 2021

Join EDC at the Seventh STEM For All Video Showcase

EDC STEM education experts, researchers, and evaluators will present and co-present 13 videos in the free 2021 National Science Foundation (NSF) STEM For All Video Showcase (Showcase) on May 11–18. The theme of the Showcase is “COVID, Equity, and Social Justice.”

During May 11 to 18, all are invited to visit the Showcase website, view videos, post questions and comments, and vote for favorite videos. At last year’s Showcase, EDC received three Showcase awards.

This year, EDC’s videos will focus on strategies to enhance and support math and engineering learning, data literacy, computational thinking, computer modeling, and more. Catherine McCulloch, director of NSF’s Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education (CADRE), and researcher Jaime Gutierrez will serve as facilitators for the Showcase.

Videos – Links and Presenters



Middle Grades Mathematics Lessons for Multilingual Learners

Johannah Nikula and Jill Neumayer DePiper

Remote Immersive Mathematics (MIST)

Matt McLeod, with Al Cuoco, Evelyn Gordon, Daniel Heck

Young Mathematicians: Transforming Pre-K Learning Environments

Jessica Young, with Lindsay Clements, Tara Fitzgibbons, Nicole Penney, Kristen Reed, Deborah Schifter

Framing Computer Modeling as a Social Justice Issue

Irene Lee, with Joyce Malyn-Smith, Kirsten Peterson

Promoting Data Literacy with Social Justice Investigations

Josephine Louie, with Beth Chance, Emily Fagan, Soma Roy, Jennifer Stiles

Inventing, Designing, and Engineering for All Students: Remote

Wendy Martin, with Ariana Riccio, Sylvia Perez, David Wells

Integrating Computational Thinking with Preschool Literacy Activities

Heather Lavigne, with Michelle Cerrone, Borgna Brunner, Jillian Orr, Marisa Wolsky

Computational Thinking Integration Framework

Heather Sherwood, with Cheri Fancsali, Maya Israel, Babette Moeller

Streams of Data: Adapting Research during COVID-19

Ed Robeck, with Amy Busey, Randy Kochevar, and Jessica Sickler

Building Community to Shape Emerging Technologies

Judi Fusco, with Carly Chillmon, Shari Gardner, Wendy Martin, Sarita Pillai, Jeremy Roschelle, Pati Ruiz, Erin Walker

Adapting Crash Course for Bilinguals’ Learning in STEM

Kelsey Savage, with Rachel Alatalo, Emily Braham, Heather Lavigne, Soledad Machado Corral

ChangeMakers: Youth-Led Mentoring Around Food Justice

Rajeev Rupani, with Mike Barnett, Alek Davila, Jackie DeLisi, David Jackson, Lily Konowitz, Madeline Reed, Marcello Rossi, Camille Smith

Enabling Opportunity: Bridging Science & Physical Computing

David Jackson, with Christian Asante, Mike Barnett, Meghan Broadstone, Yihong Cheng, Rajeev Rupani, Kelsey Tayne, Helen Zhang