Joyce Malyn-Smith is a national expert on STEM career development and workforce education. She leads a body of work that explores how to enhance STEM learning and support people in using their STEM skills, knowledge, and dispositions to pursue productive and rewarding careers. Her projects develop industry/education connections in computational thinking, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and other advanced technologies.

Malyn-Smith’s research focuses on the future of work and its implications for lifelong learning. She investigates the dispositions humans will need as they partner with machines in problem solving, what it means to be human in the age of AI, and the foundational skills K–20 students need to prepare for work at the Human-Technology Frontier.

Malyn-Smith collaborates with community colleges to advance knowledge of the expertise needed in emerging occupations and in occupations that are changing dramatically due to new technologies. She also develops standards-based tools and resources to ensure schools align their programs and curricula with changing industry demand.

Malyn-Smith hold an EdD from Boston University in business/career education and bilingual education leadership.