Globally, more than 75 million children and youth are affected by conflict or protracted crises, including long-term poverty, illness, social unrest, and climate vulnerability. These young people face multiple challenges to a healthy and safe future, including little or no access to a quality education, infrequent access to medical care, and uncertain livelihood opportunities. Yet supporting children and youth—and the societies in which they live—is critical to maintaining global peace and security.

EDC provides direct programming, technical assistance, and networking support to crisis-affected individuals and institutions around the world. We help communities grow stronger and more secure through programs that advance nonformal education, societal resilience, peace building, mental health, and well-being. In directly addressing the shocks and stresses brought about by conflict, crisis, and violence, we are helping children and youth build safer, more prosperous futures.


This report presents key findings and lessons learned from the Garissa Youth and Yes Youth Can! North Eastern Region projects.
Interactive audio instruction (IAI) is a distance-learning technology that provides educational services, often to schools and school systems worldwide.
Drawing on its extensive work in fragile environments, EDC developed this set of case studies that chronicles best practices, lessons learned, and stories of success.