Achieves sustainable impact. Promotes research-based interventions. Designs effective digital technology. Builds scalable solutions.
EDC's work around the world does all this and more to open doors to education, employment, and healthier lives for millions of individuals. Visit each of our areas of expertise for more information and to view a selection of our related projects, resources, and staff with skills and knowledge in that area.

Expanding Access to Quality Education

Improving early learning opportunities and outcomes
Teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom

Promoting Healthy Futures

Expanding health equity and access to quality health services
Supporting prevention and making links to comprehensive treatment and services
Identifying and sustaining comprehensive approaches for individuals and communities
Using data and building public will to improve health outcomes for all

Creating Economic Opportunity

Supporting professional development and fostering leadership to create positive change
Creating opportunities that open doors for learners of all ages
Giving students a solid foundation in skills that will create career pathways
Equipping young people around the world to navigate in the worlds of work