Mosaic: The EDC Podcast

EDC experts weigh in on current events and pressing challenges in education, health, and economic development around the world.

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Adwoa Atta-Krah discusses how the unique approach of a program in Mali is making a difference by helping children learn to read.

Cindy Hoisington discusses changing perceptions about what “doing science” means and describes efforts to work with schools and families to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Jerry Reed, a suicide prevention expert and Navy veteran himself, discusses what the Veterans Administration is doing to prevent suicide among veterans and comments on the importance of taking a public health approach to address this growing crisis.

Terresa Humphries-Wadsworth discusses how including the perspective of those with lived experience enhances suicide prevention programming.

David Jacobson describes the First 10 Schools and Communities model and also shares observations from promising early childhood programs across the country.

Loraine Lucinski discusses how parents’ opioid misuse affects children and infants, and how home visiting programs are critical to supporting families who struggle with substance misuse.

Cornelia Janke describes the challenges faced by young people living in crisis and conflict zones around the world and what the international community can do to support the creation of societies that are stable and secure.

Shai Fuxman and Julie Riordan discuss how traumatic experiences can affect kids at school and highlight some programs that are making a difference.

Denise Clarke-Reeves and Sarah Nogueira Sanca discuss why an estimated 300,000 Liberian children do not attend school and how EDC’s work is helping to get more children back into the classroom.

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