August 24, 2020

This September—Take Action to Promote Hope and Prevent Suicide

EDC’s vision is to achieve a world free from suicide. To observe National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, National Suicide Prevention Week, and World Suicide Prevention Day, we are offering events, tips, and tools to help you take action to build resilience and prevent suicide.

“We’ve learned from public opinion polls that most people know suicide is preventable and want to help those in their lives who are struggling,” says Elly Stout, director of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) at EDC. “So our focus should be on empowering people to play a role in preventing suicide in their communities.”

Stay Informed, Take Action

1. Check out these resources from SPRC:

2. Find tips in these resources from the Zero Suicide Institute at EDC

3. Join these events:

4. Support the collective messaging effort of the Action Alliance and its partners. Throughout September (and year-round), you can:

  • Use #BeThere and #SPM20 on Twitter to educate the public about the many ways to support individuals in crisis.
    • Sign up to receive updates from the Action Alliance.

5. Follow us on Twitter (EDC, SPRC, Action Alliance, Zero Suicide Institute, and Children’s Safety Network) throughout the month for ideas and activities.

6. Learn more about EDC’s work in suicide prevention.