Quality Measures™


Effective school leadership is a key contributor to the success of schools, teachers, and students alike. As the demands on school leaders continue to evolve, there is a pressing need to understand the specific effects of leader performance on school, teacher, and student success in order to strengthen leadership preparation programs and inform policymaking.  

Supported by the Wallace Foundation for more than 15 years, EDC has contributed to the growing body of knowledge about what makes for effective principal preparation. Through the Quality Measures™ Center for Program Assessment and Technical Assistance, EDC works to strengthen partnerships and foster a collaborative culture of ongoing improvement among principal preparation programs, school districts, and state educational agencies in support of our shared commitment to ensuring an effective leader in every school.

Key Activities

Through the Quality Measures (QM) Center, EDC is engaged in the following activities:

  • Support seven QM facilitators who are leading principal preparation program self-studies with program faculty, partner school districts, and state agencies
  • Design metrics and protocols to assess program and partnership effectiveness
  • Facilitate in-depth self-assessment by principal preparation program teams to identify programmatic strengths and areas for improvement using QM tools and protocols
  • Collect, interpret, and share improvement data with clients
  • Provide technical assistance to programs that use QM data to develop targeted improvement strategies and interventions
  • Collaborate with state-level leaders to build and facilitate local learning communities of principal preparation program providers and their partner school districts and to identify lessons for state policy and practice
  • Build and curate an online catalog of programs’ evidence of effective practices


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