E-learning has the potential to usher in a new era in global entrepreneurship. But how can e-learning programs account for diversity in language and literacy levels? Or culture? Or different levels of access to technology?

In partnership with HP, EDC is answering many of these questions through HP LIFE e-Learning. Whether they are accessing the program from an Internet cafe in Thailand or on a mobile phone in Mali, developing entrepreneurs can use HP LIFE e-Learning to learn the technical skills and business knowledge they need to build their own small enterprises.

Key Activities

HP LIFE e-Learning uses technology simulations, online activities, narrative stories, and dynamic assessment and feedback tools to keep learners engaged. Examples of the project’s activities:

  • Developed 25 free online modules to teach entrepreneurs technical and business skills that lets learners identify and study specific topics of interest
  • Created a high-impact, low-bandwidth technology intervention that is available in seven languages
  • Foster a global community of entrepreneurs


  • HP LIFE e-Learning has reached more than 560,000 users, representing 240 countries.
  • Program participants have earned a total of 430,000 module completion certificates.
  • Program participants have shared over 528,000 messages in the HP LIFE e-Learning online forum.
  • The program has a 48 percent course completion rate.
  • The program’s user satisfaction rate is 96 percent (as of September 2015).

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