June 4, 2020

EDC to Improve Teacher Instruction in Egypt

EDC has been selected to implement the USAID-funded Teach for Tomorrow project in Egypt to support improvements in primary-level instruction across the country.

Over four years, EDC and its partner Keys to Effective Learning will work with Egypt’s Ministry of Education and Technical Education to enhance teacher professional development and strengthen the professional licensing and certification of teachers.

“Teach for Tomorrow, which will blend digital and online media with face-to-face trainings, is an opportunity to further strengthen education in Egypt using approaches that capitalize on existing resources as well as introducing new ones,” says EDC’s Jill Meeks, chief of party.

The project will include designing and delivering an innovative, blended learning system for in-service teachers that will infuse 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, inquiry, collaboration, and problem-solving, to improve classroom instruction in reading and math. Teach for Tomorrow will also support a structure for linking the continuous professional development system to advancements through a career ladder.

This $15.8 million activity will be rolled out in phases throughout the country.