Success in algebra does not come automatically to many students. But with recent research showing that algebra is an indicator of college readiness and career options, it is more important than ever to help all students develop the mathematical thinking skills they need to succeed in algebra class. With the right support from teachers, the vast majority of them can.

EDC’s Transition to Algebra (TTA) classroom materials and professional development support teachers in helping students build the mathematical habits of mind, as well as the knowledge, skills, and confidence, necessary for success in algebra. TTA’s materials are research based and aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Key Activities

Through mental mathematics activities, logic puzzles, spoken dialogues, and mathematical explorations, TTA supports students’ mathematical development while fostering a sense of enjoyment and engagement in mathematics. The project’s suite of resources and services include the following:


Since publication in summer 2014, TTA materials have been purchased and used by more than 100 schools and districts in 35 states.

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Transition to Algebra (TTA)
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