Xinxin Zhang, research associate, has expertise in data analysis, educational research, and policy evaluation. Zhang specializes in cleaning large data sets, conducting descriptive analysis and predictive analytics, and presenting data to diverse audiences. She is passionate about supporting the use of data to inform policies with real impact.

Zhang is a researcher for a study on career academies and a project on developing children’s computational literacy. She has co-authored reports on early childhood workforce turnover, attendance supports, accelerated college credit programs, reading achievement, and mentoring. She is the co-author of two IES reports on analyzing teacher mobility and retention (view report 1 and report 2). She has also blogged about research on accelerated college credit programs’ positive outcomes for students.

Before joining EDC, Zhang collected and analyzed performance data for Boston Public Schools. Earlier in her career, she was a financial analyst.

Zhang holds an MA in Public Policy from University of Chicago, an MA in Economics from Fudan University, and a BA in Economics from Tsinghua University. She is fluent in English and Chinese.