Shari Kessel Schneider, an expert in adolescent health and school health, advances knowledge of effective programs and practices to improve the physical and mental well-being of youth. She leads initiatives focused on survey research, program evaluation, intervention design, and training and technical assistance. Her content expertise in adolescent health and risk behaviors includes bullying and cyberbullying, social media use, substance misuse, and mental health.  

Schneider is consulted by the media for her insights into adolescent behavior and related public health trends. She leads EDC’s MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey and provides technical assistance to school districts in using student survey data to inform educational efforts, prevention programming, and policymaking.

Recently, Schneider co-authored a seminal report funded by The Ruderman Foundation on the impact of social media and cyberbullying on youth with disabilities. She has led groundbreaking research on cyberbullying trends, the mental health consequences of cyberbullying, and the effectiveness of increasing the minimum sales age for tobacco to 21 in reducing youth tobacco use.

Schneider holds an MSPH from the Harvard University School of Public Health.