Jacqueline Dick is a public health and wellness expert who brings over 30 years of experience leading and advancing community collaboration and grant-funded initiatives. She brings extensive expertise as a program manager, health educator, wellness coach, and tenured professor and has led programs at the federal and state levels. She is adept in utilizing and adapting learning management systems to accommodate diverse learning styles.

As director of EDC’s Massachusetts Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling Prevention, Ms. Dick leads a team in providing high-quality and culturally responsive capacity building, training, and education to address problem gambling and related behavioral health issues.

Previously, Ms. Dick was a program leader and tenured faculty for Northern Essex Community College’s Public Health Program and has extensive experience in program design and community health worker trainings. Additionally, she served on the advisory board for the Academic Public Health Corps of Massachusetts.

Ms. Dick holds an MS from the Indiana University School of Public Health and a BA in Human Movement Studies from the Carnegie College of Human Movement in Leeds England.