Health clinics for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) play an important role in fighting the spread of HIV. However, designing effective, meaningful HIV prevention programs for these clinics has often been a challenge because they are understaffed and patient attendance is unpredictable.

EDC’s Safe in the City is a brief, video intervention that offers STD clinics a sustainable, effective way to promote HIV prevention strategies. It aims to increase condom use and other behaviors that can help prevent STDs, including HIV. The intervention requires no facilitation and can be easily integrated into clinic waiting rooms.

Key Activities

EDC staff developing the Safe in the City program undertook the following activities:  

  • Developed and evaluated video-based HIV/STD prevention intervention for STD clinics
  • Pilot-tested materials
  • Produced a dissemination package promoting the materials


  • In a large, multi-site efficacy trial, Safe in the City was found to be — effective in reducing new cases of STDs among clinic patients.
  • The materials were chosen by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for inclusion in the 2008 Compendium of Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Interventions.
  • Safe in the City was identified as a High-Impact Prevention strategy by the CDC.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

University of California, San Francisco’s Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, San Francisco Department of Public Health, Denver Public Health, California State University at Long Beach, Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services