Since 2009, EDC and the Government of Rwanda have worked together on multiple initiatives to improve education and economic development opportunities throughout the country. It’s a collaboration that is helping to modernize Rwanda’s education system and expand its economic growth, and which has affected millions of teachers, students, youth, and families.

EDC’s projects in Rwanda have included:

  • Akazi Kanoze (AK) and Akazi Kanoze 2 (AK2): Youth participating in these two workforce development projects have gained the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to Rwanda’s growing economy. The projects have provided youth with access to resources such as job and internship opportunities and entrepreneurship training. Akazi Kanoze 2 ended in 2017, but its mission lives on through Akazi Kanoze Access, a spin-off Rwandan nonprofit organization.
  • Huguka Dukore: Many young Rwandans ages 16–30 have had limited basic education and earn less than $1.75 per day. Huguka Dukore is working with young Rwandans to provide job skills training, work-based learning, internship opportunities, and links to jobs and self-employment. This five-year initiative builds on the success of the AK and AK2 projects and aims to reach 40,000 youth.
  • Literacy, Language, and Learning (L3) Initiative: This project, which ended in 2017, expanded literacy for more than 1.8 million young children in every primary school in Rwanda. L3 improved student achievement in reading and mathematics, engaged communities in supporting literacy, and increased access to appropriate teaching and learning materials.

“Our goal has always been to establish programs that are sustainable and that make a difference,” says EDC’s Nancy Devine. “We’ve been able to open up huge opportunities for youth, many of whom never really had a vision for their lives.”

Funding for EDC’s projects in Rwanda comes from the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Mastercard Foundation, and the Department for International Development.

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