With funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and in partnership with Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government (BSG), the Learning Generation Initiative (formerly the Education Commission) produced the DeliverEd Final Report, Deliberate Disruptors: Can Delivery Approaches Deliver Better Education Outcomes? The following are the supporting research products produced in interpretation of the research.

DeliverEd Research Products:

Anderson, K., Ibarra, A., & Javaid, N. (December 2022). The Education Commission. A Case Study of the Sierra Leone Delivery Unit. DeliverEd Initiative Policy Note.

Bell, S., Asim, M., Mundy, K., Pius Nuzdor, H., Boakye-Yiadom, M., & Mensah Adosi, C. (May 2023). How Do Regions, Districts and Schools Respond to the Introduction of a Delivery Approach? Evidence from Ghana. DeliverEd Initiative Working Paper.

Bell, S., Leaver, C., Mansoor, Z, Mundy, K., Qarout, D., & Williams, M. (March 2023). The Role of Delivery Approaches in Education Systems Reform: Evidence from a Multi-Country Study. DeliverEd Initiative Working Paper.

Boakye-Yiadom, M., Leaver C., Mansoor, Z., & locco, M. P. (March 2023). Management and Performance in Mid-Level Bureaucracies: Evidence from Ghanaian Education Districts. DeliverEd Initiative Working Paper.

Gulzar, S., Ladino, J. F., Mehmood, M. Z., & Rogger, D. (March 2023). Command and Can’t Control: An Evaluation of Centralized Accountability in the Public Sector*. DeliverEd Initiative Working Paper.

Malik, R., & Bari, F. (May 2023). Improving Service Delivery Via Top-Down Data-Driven Accountability: Reform Enactment of the Education Road Map in Pakistan. DeliverEd Initiative Working Paper.

Mansoor, Z., Qarout, D., Anderson, K., Carano, C., Yecalo-Tecle, L., Dvorakova, V., & Williams, M. (July 2021). A Global Mapping of Delivery Approaches. DeliverEd Initiative Working Paper.

Qarout, D. (November 2022). The Accountability Paradox: Delivery Units in Jordan’s Education Sector: 2010–2019. DeliverEd Initiative Working Paper.

Williams, M., Leaver, C., Mundy, K., Mansoor, Z., Qarout, D., Asim, M., Bell, S., & Bilous, A. (April 2021). Delivery Approaches to Improving Policy Implementation: A Conceptual Framework. DeliverEd Initiative Working Paper.

DeliverEd Policy Products:

Anderson, K., & Bergmann, J. (2022). The Education Commission. Design Choices for Delivery Approaches in Education. DeliverEd Initiative Policy Brief.

Anderson, K., & Carano, C. (2021). The Education Commission. The Challenge of Delivering for Learning. DeliverEd Initiative Policy Brief.

Villaseñor, P. (2021). The Education Commission. Delivery Approaches in Crisis or Conflict Situations. DeliverEd Initiative Policy Brief.

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