January 21, 2020

From Readers to Leaders

In Honduras, improving literacy skills is an investment in the future.

In Honduras, fostering a culture of reading is a challenge for many communities. Primary school teachers often lack the resources they need, which has long-term consequences for the students they teach and the communities where these children live.

But with support from the USAID De Lectores a Líderes project (also known as the USAID Honduras Reading Activity), which is implemented by EDC, progress has been swift. Thousands of teachers are learning how to teach reading and writing more effectively. Schools are receiving vital teaching and learning materials, including books and supplementary reading supplies. Parents are being trained in effective ways to promote literacy at home and are engaging more actively in their children’s education at school. And students report that they are learning to read—and loving it.

In this video, students, parents, and teachers who are part of USAID De Lectores a Líderes share how the project is making a difference in their schools and communities.