Proyecto METAS


Rebuilding peace and prosperity in Honduras will require partners from all parts of the country. Most importantly, it must include young people, whose lives have been disproportionately affected by the breakdown in civil society.

EDC contributed to the rebuilding process through its project Improving Education for Work, Learning, and Success (known in Spanish as "Mejorando la Education para Trabajar, Aprender, y Superarse," or Proyecto METAS). METAS provided Honduran youth with quality basic education and workforce skills training, with the aim of developing a responsible and competent workforce that can help businesses thrive in local and international markets.

Key Activities

METAS focused on at-risk youth with limited access to education and workforce development opportunities in Honduras. Project activities included the following:

  • Developed and implemented the Basic Labor Competencies Training and Certification Program
  • Established alliances with the private sector to develop employment and internship opportunities for METAS youth
  • Improved workforce development systems in Honduras through the engagement of multiple stakeholders
  • Developed the capacity of local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and training institutions to deliver skills training opportunities to at-risk youth
  • Increased access and quality of secondary alternative education
  • Provided out-of-school youth with basic, workforce, and life skills
  • Contributed to the body of knowledge on issues pertaining to youth and the workforce in Honduras
  • Created regional alliances among public institutions, private businesses, schools, training centers, NGOs, communities, and the Honduran Government


  • Reached more than 80,134 youth participants from 250 schools, communities, universities, NGOs, and businesses
  • Trained 1,239 teachers and instructors who help facilitate the training process
  • Trained over 55,000 young people through METAS’ Basic Labor Competencies Training and Certification Program and certified 17,552 of these youth
  • Provided jobs and internships to 4,694 youth in the final phase of the program
  • Graduated over 1,900 alternative education students from high school
  • Created 211 alliances/partnerships with the private sector

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Centro Asesor para el Desarrollo de los Recursos Humanos (CADERH), Centro Nacional de Educación para el Trabajo (CENET), CESAL, Fundación INTUR, DIUNSA, Cámara de Comercio e Industrias de Choloma (CCICH), UNITEC, and Children International