Cyberbullying, mental health, and substance abuse—these are among the complex issues communities must tackle. When schools, health agencies, and law enforcement work together, they can greatly benefit the young people of a community.

EDC launched to give communities the tools to identify evidence-based methods to promote good behavior, implement positive school discipline, share information with partners and agencies, and prevent bullying. It is informed by EDC’s 11 years at the helm of the National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention. During that time, EDC worked with nearly 300 communities on implementing evidence-based programs that promoted safe schools and healthy students.

Key Activities

For PromotePrevent, EDC staff undertook the following activities:

  • Developed the 3 Bold Steps process to help organizations create plans for transformative change that demonstrated the importance of partnering, planning, and then acting
  • Developed additional standalone components to the PromotePrevent website, which used tools, e-learning activities, and video success stories from across the United States to tackle positive school discipline, cyberbullying, and information sharing across child-serving agencies

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