State education agencies are expected to use evidence to inform their practice and policy decisions. Yet education research is often conducted with little input from educators and policymakers regarding the issues at the heart of the problems they are trying to solve. And, research findings are often disseminated in venues that educators cannot easily access.

In Connecticut, EDC co-leads the Partnership for Early Education Research (PEER), which is breaking down the barriers between researchers and practitioners and ensuring that study findings are relevant and timely and drive action. PEER engages researchers, policymakers, state and district administrators, and others in collaborating to identify and address priority needs for research to guide improvements to services for children and families.

Key Activities

  • Develop and maintain a coherent research agenda guided by early childhood stakeholders and carried out by PEER researchers
  • Engage in collaborative research projects and evaluation efforts guided by partner needs
  • Broadly disseminate findings through channels such as briefs, reports, presentations, and peer-reviewed publications
  • Serve as evaluators for the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood and two local partners

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Partnership for Early Education Research
Initial: Institute of Education Sciences Current: Spencer Foundation and evaluation contracts with partners

Yale School of Medicine; Cooperative Educational Services; various stakeholders (including the school districts) in Bridgeport, Norwalk, and Stamford, CT; CT Office of Early Childhood; CT State Department of Education