This executive summary captures the results of the National Survey on Supporting Struggling Mathematics Learners in the Middle Grades, a study designed and conducted by EDC. The survey was conducted as part of the Strengthening Mathematics Intervention project, which was funded by the National Science Foundation. This executive summary describes the key results from schools across the United States, highlighting the national landscape of mathematics intervention (MI) classes.

In spring 2017, EDC administered an online survey to a nationally representative sample of 2,024 urban or suburban public schools with students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Approximately 43 percent of schools (876 schools) responded to the survey, with one respondent per school. The survey findings revealed that approximately 69 percent of schools are implementing additional mathematics classes, referred to as mathematics intervention classes, for struggling learners in the middle grades. The report provides a picture of the national landscape of these classes, including the content focus, staffing, structures, practices, and the challenges faced.

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Amy R. Brodesky, Jacqueline S. Zweig, Emily R. Fagan, Linda Hirsch, and Karen S. Karp
April 2018
11 pages