The following stories were developed through the support of USAID’s Core Education Skills for Liberian Youth (CESLY) program. The project helps Liberian young people develop the skills and attitudes necessary to progress in the conventional academic system, transition into skills training or livelihoods, maintain healthy lifestyles and participate in their communities.

Currently, a great scarcity of locally produced materials exists in schools leading to a high level of over dependency on educational materials used by learners that are externally produced and lack orientation and context. These are difficult for facilitators and learners to understand and practicalize. Or more commonly, there is little to read, so most often people don’t read. In occasional cases, where reading is done, learners memorize the same book and recite it over and over again. This does not develop their ability to comprehend, analyze and think critically. In response to this need, the mini-series on the life of Sonie was commissioned by the USAID/CESLY project.

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Saah Millimono

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