Gail T. P. Wickes

Gail T. P. Wickes has had a long and varied career in both the nonprofit and corporate world. As an assistant professor of American history and literature at Harvard, she taught the university’s first course with a focus on women’s writing and experience. She served as president of Bennington College and as a board member of Amherst College, Air University (U.S. Air Force), and Trinity College of Vermont. She has published four books as well as articles in a range of publications including scholarly journals, the Atlantic, and the New York Times.

Gail left academe to become a stockbroker and moved up in management at PaineWebber where she became a senior vice president in charge of strategic initiatives. Her nonprofit activities have included serving as the executive director of the Vermont ARC and the Vermont Coalition of the Handicapped, teaching business ethics at Queens College, and serving on the boards of a variety of organizations including several promoting programs supporting women’s health and career development, consulting to The Justice Project (Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation), and chairing the board of the Bailey Arboretum Foundation. She has recently joined the Savannah Music Festival board.

Gail holds a BA and PhD from Harvard University as well as five honorary degrees. She has been a member of the EDC board of trustees since 1973.