Computer science (CS) education is critical for all students to acquire the knowledge they will need for future careers in computer and IT-related fields, as well as build problem-solving skills they can apply in many different fields. The Computer Science for All (CS4All) initiative has the goal of training 5,000 New York City (NYC) school teachers to provide CS education to all elementary, middle, and high-school students.

EDC is collaborating with the Research Alliance for New York City Schools at New York University (RA) to lead the CS4All evaluation. The evaluation is answering important questions about the implementation and impact of CS4All for NYC students, schools, and teachers.

Key Activities

The project is carrying out the following activities:

  • Conduct a formative evaluation to determine what kind of CS education NYC schools are currently offering
  • Determine what support the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) must provide schools and teachers to improve their CS offerings
  • Assess the extent to which NYC DOE is achieving its goal of ensuring equitable, high-quality CS education for all students


Findings from the evaluation will support the ongoing implementation of CS4All in NYC, inform similar efforts in other cities, and advance knowledge of how:

  • CS4All affects different groups of students, particularly those who are typically underrepresented in computer science and other STEM fields (e.g., girls and Black and Latino students).
  • Professional development affects teachers’ practice.
  • The initiative affects short- and long-term student outcomes, including CS knowledge and skills, academic achievement, engagement, sense of belonging, and CS career awareness.

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