July 25, 2017

EDC to Expand Interactive Audio Lessons for Preschool in Burkina Faso

WALTHAM, MA | EDC has been awarded a contract from the government of Burkina Faso to support early childhood development and build the capacity of the government to offer high-quality early learning as part of the Project to Improve Access to Quality Education (PAAQE). The project is being funded by the World Bank.

While the official language of the West African nation is French, PAAQE will develop a year-long series of 100 interactive audio lessons in the local languages of Mooré and Gourmachema, reaching existing preschools in 345 communities. The project will also include training Ministry of Education staff to develop, write, produce, monitor, and evaluate additional lessons.

“Fewer than half of children ages 3 to 6 have access to early education in Burkina Faso, so this work is critically important,” said EDC’s Carrie Lewis. “Broadcasting in the local languages will give our youngest students a strong, early foundation in their mother tongue and a strong start for primary school and beyond.”

The project will also develop a certification for early childhood staff using facilitated and reflective discussion, structured practice, and self-study. This training will be developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of Women, National Solidarity and Family; and the National Institute for Social Work Education.

PAAQE will build on EDC’s previous successful collaborations with the World Bank on a project in the Democratic Republic of Congo and on a toolkit for expanding access to early childhood development using interactive audio instruction.

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