Rapid advances in technology create an urgent need to prepare learners of all ages for the changing world of work. Researchers are studying emerging learning technologies to identify strategies to ensure today’s students and workforce are ready to thrive in highly technological environments. Yet these researchers need support to connect with each other, build on each other’s work, and share their findings to inform and impact education.

Through the Center for Integrative Research in Computing and Learning Sciences (CIRCLS), EDC is working with lead partner Digital Promise, SRI Education, and the University of Pittsburgh to meet these needs. Together, we provide open access resources, support researchers, and widely disseminate findings to support research uptake in practice, programs, and policies.

Key Activities

The CIRCLS team carries out the following activities:

  • Host convenings to connect researchers, promote reflection on priority issues, and foster collaborative approaches to addressing tension and challenges (view recordings)
  • Support graduate students and early career scientists in working together to tackle challenges related to learning technologies, including artificial intelligence 
  • Develop research syntheses—including rapid community reports—that provide clear, compelling briefings on foundational topics or emerging designs and insights
  • Expand reach and uptake of research through use of social media, newsletters, the Expertise Exchange, and other strategies
  • Produce project spotlights, features about researchers (Perspectives), roundups of current awards, professional development tools, and other resources to inform the field
  • Work closely with an advisory group to guide CIRCLS’ continual improvement


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