Center for Children and Technology

Since the personal computer was invented in the 1970s, technology has been invoked as a powerful tool to transform teaching and learning. Too often, though, the focus on technology overshadows the fact that education is fundamentally about people.

At EDC’s Center for Children and Technology (CCT), we explore ways that technology can support and broaden engagement, communication, and interaction both among children and between children and adults, opening up new possibilities and avenues of exploration and learning. We deepen understanding of how to thoughtfully use digital tools to create dynamic learning environments in the United States and around the world.

In all of our work, we address the educational challenges and obstacles that under-resourced and under-represented communities face. We work with our partners to ensure broad and equitable access to resources through design and development choices for devices, broadband access, study design, and program implementation. This work includes:

  • Conducting basic, applied, formative, and summative research
  • Supporting high-profile, public-private educational partnerships
  • Developing award-winning multimedia tools that help teachers and caregivers enhance pre-K–12 learning
  • Expanding educational offerings to families, schools, and communities
  • Prioritizing inclusion and equity in everything we do
Services We Offer
  • Formative research
  • Digital strategy
  • Policy development
  • Evaluation
  • Professional development
  • Project planning and design
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Training and technical assistance
Our Work: Selected Examples


 Equity in Access

Computational Thinking and Computer Science

  • Code Next Evaluation (working with African-American and Latino youth in exploring computer science)
  • Building CT Readiness (integrating computational thinking across subjects in high poverty elementary schools)
  • Aha Island (supporting computational thinking for prekindergarten)
Our Impact

CCT serves as the lead research partner to the CPB-PBS Ready To Learn initiative, a $100 million federal program funded through the U.S. Department of Education. One of our recent studies is Mahsi’choo for the Info! Molly of Denali Teaches Children About Informational Text.

Our Partners

PBS, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Sesame Workshop, Google, New York Hall of Science, National Geographic, New York Philharmonic, Thirteen/WNET, WGBH, Library of Congress, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University, Apple’s ConnectEd, IBM’s Reinventing Education, Intel Teach, Cisco’s 21st Century Schools

Guiding Principles

From its launch in 1980 at Bank Street College of Education, EDC’s Center for Children and Technology has been one of the first education technology research and development organizations. We are guided by the belief that digital tools are most supportive when they:

  • Present clear, accurate, and culturally and linguistically relevant content
  • Provide models of real engagement for educators, parents, and children
  • Connect educators and families to a community of fellow learners
  • Provide ready access to resources and adaptable activities for children
  • Offer tailored learning that reflects adults’ prior knowledge and experience
  • Blend new uses of technology with tried and true hands-on learning
 Work with Us

To partner with CCT, contact Naomi Hupert or Shelley Pasnik.

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