The nation’s prevention professionals play an essential role in helping communities address pressing substance abuse and other behavioral health challenges, including underage drinking, prescription drug misuse, and a surge in opioid use. It is critical that these dedicated professionals have up-to-date training, knowledge, and support so they can best serve populations in need.

To respond to this need, EDC prepares the nation’s prevention specialists through the SAMHSA-funded Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (CAPT). The CAPT is a national substance abuse prevention training and technical assistance center dedicated to strengthening prevention systems and the nation’s behavioral health workforce. The CAPT supports SAMHSA-funded states, jurisdictions, and tribal entities in implementing a proven prevention planning process. This process includes using data to inform strategic planning, selecting and implementing evidence-based interventions for communities, and collaborating with providers working in related behavioral health fields.

Key Activities

The CAPT provides the following services:

  • Prepare the nation’s behavioral health workforce through professional development and dissemination of best practices
  • Develop webinars, virtual meetings, and online courses to disseminate best practices
  • Provide training and technical assistance to SAMHSA-funded grantees


The CAPT has supported training and technical assistance for tens of thousands of substance abuse and behavioral health providers, policymakers, and program leaders in all 50 U.S. states, jurisdictions, and tribal entities.

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