In the 1960s, EDC’s African Primary Science Program (APSP) revolutionized primary science instruction in Africa. A generation later, EDC is exploring the reintroduction of APSP in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone to help primary students in those countries build the scientific thinking skills and knowledge needed for success in the 21st century.

This research will help determine whether the scientific inquiry-based approach of APSP is the right tool to prepare primary students in these four countries in their study of science, while also supporting teachers in improving their science instruction.

Key Activities

EDC’s study of the viability of using APSP to boost science instruction includes the following activities:

  • Study the state and direction of primary science education in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone
  • Determine the relevance of APSP for the current and projected science education in these countries
  • Recommend potential next steps for improving science and general instruction, using APSP as guidance

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