Since 1968, nearly constant war and the settlement of multiple armed groups in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have devastated social and economic inequality in the region. As a result, young Congolese living in the region have seen few examples of non-violent change, and much of the youth population has had no meaningful participation in education and employment.

EDC and its partners are working with various governmental ministries in an effort to improve and provide basic education, work-readiness training, and entrepreneurship skills for youth in North and South Kivu provinces. The USAID/DRC Integrated Youth Development Activity (IYDA) is supporting youth in gaining and applying relevant skills for better educational and social outcomes.

Key Activities

IYDA will improve youth skills by connecting them to work experiences and by strengthening existing structures. The project’s activities include:

  • Build the capacity of the Ministries of Youth, Social Affairs, and Education, along with their related training centers, to develop and deliver improved accelerated learning and vocational training programs
  • Develop and deliver an innovative employability training using EDC’s Work Ready Now! program
  • Engage youth in positive community opportunities
  • Support youth in establishing their own economic activities through mentoring and coaching
  • Work with a network of literacy volunteers to support learning outside of the classroom
  • Engage youth and communities to improve participation in civic activities


Over the course of the project, IYDA will provide:

  • Improved literacy and numeracy skills to 12,000 children and youth through accelerated learning and vocational training
  • Strengthened skills of 790 teachers and administrators and 150 youth literacy volunteers
  • Employability and entrepreneurship training to 8,000 youth
  • Employment opportunities to 4,000 youth

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Laura Dillon-Binkley
U.S. Agency for International Development

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