Indonesia’s economy and demand for labor is evolving, with employment shifting away from rural agricultural jobs to urban service-oriented jobs. Consequently, there is a need to equip the Indonesian economy to effectively prepare for the transformation of labor as emerging technologies play a more significant role in the workplace. The Government of Indonesia believes that through workforce development programs, SMKs (Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan or vocational high schools) will play a pivotal role in preparing the current and future workforce. 

Funded as a Global Development Alliance between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and J.P. Morgan, the AWARE 3 project will improve the employment pathways for SMK-enrolled youth through soft skills training, enhanced teacher training, and meaningful school-industry partnerships that lead to work-based learning opportunities. All activities take place remotely, although in a dynamic way that facilitates active learning. Partnering with the Jakarta Education Agency, Matata, and a host of local private sector 

Key Activities

AWARE 3 activities include the following: 

  • Develop and adapt EDC’s Work Ready Now (WRN) soft skills training modules to train and build the capacity of school managers and teachers.
  • Implement WRN skills training curriculum through virtual classrooms for SMK youth in grade 11 to learn and improve their technical and soft skills to prepare them for the digital economy.
  • Develop a mentoring and coaching plan to engage school managers and teachers throughout the WRN implementation process.
  • Collaborate with private sector partners to develop an industry class toolkit. Design and implement virtual industry classes and project-based internships to nurture work readiness.
  • Facilitate interactions between the education sector and private sector around timely workforce development and employability.


Throughout the life of the project, AWARE 3 aims to:

  • Train 50 school managers (master trainers) in the adapted AWARE 3 WRN curriculum
  • Train over 200 teachers in the adapted AWARE 3 WRN curriculum
  • Facilitate the development of over 80 Google classrooms created for teacher‑student engagement on soft skills for the digital economy
  • Enroll and train over 5,000 youth in WRN technical and soft skills
  • Engage 60 private sector partners through industry classes, internships, and other collaborative and learning opportunities

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