President and CEO

David Offensend
President and CEO

Management Council

Nancy Devine staff portrait
Senior Vice President | Director, International Development Division
Cheryl Hoffman-Bray
Vice President | Chief Financial Officer | Chief Compliance Officer
Siobhan Murphy
Senior Vice President | Chief of Staff
Lydia O'Donnell
Senior Vice President | Director, Health and Human Development Division
Gerald Reed
Senior Vice President for Practice Leadership | Director, Center for the Study and Prevention of Injury, Violence, and Suicide
Robert Rotner
Senior Vice President | Director, Administration and Finance Division | Treasurer
Robert Spielvogel
Vice President | Chief Technology Officer

Vice Presidents

Christine Filosa
Vice President | General Counsel
Chelsey Goddard
Vice President | Director, SAMHSA’s Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies
Joanna Jones
Vice President | Director, Human Resources
Brad Karlin
Vice President | Chief of Mental Health and Aging
Shelley Pasnik
Vice President | Director, Center for Children and Technology
Michael Pelletier
Vice President | Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, Domestic Programs
Kenneth Repp
Vice President | Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, International Programs
Photo of EDC's Thomas Rielly
Vice President | Director of Operations | Interim Director of Communications
Rebecca Jackson Stoeckle
Vice President | Director, Health and Technology
Jill Weber
Vice President | Director of Research, Evaluation, and Policy