The government of Mali is committed to improving educational opportunities for all youth. But in northern Mali, many young people live in conflict-affected areas where basic education of any kind is severely limited.

EDC is increasing educational access for more than 10,000 out-of-school children and youth in the Gao region of northern Mali through its implementation of the Education Recovery Support Activity (ERSA). This project is providing essential educational services through accelerated learning programs (ALP), while also promoting peace building and inclusiveness through the use of culturally appropriate lessons and activities.

Key Activities

The ERSA project is doing the following:

  • Building and equipping 290 safe learning centers inside host formal schools for out-of-school children
  • Providing basic education, life skills, and livelihood training for more than 2,800 older out-of-school youth
  • Building local capacity to deliver relevant educational programs to out-of-school children and youth
  • Facilitating inclusion, access, and participation of learners in educational, economic, social, and civic life


  • Built 101 classrooms equipped with two separate latrines for boys and girls
  • Set up 210 ALP centers that welcomed 7,315 students, including 3,131 girls
  • Distributed more than 5,450 teaching and learning materials to the centers, facilitators, and students
  • Conducted social negotiations in more than 300 communities, together with local administrative authorities, religious and community leaders, community members, and the local implementing NGO
  • Set up and trained 150 community steering committees to follow up on facilitator integration, center functioning, students’ attendance, educational quality, and safety

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Christina N'Tchougan-Sonou
U.S. Agency for International Development