The roughly 2 million women veterans living in the United States face unique challenges in transitioning to civilian life after their military careers end. This includes difficulty securing jobs in STEM fields, despite the fact that many women veterans possess skills that are highly transferable to STEM careers.

EDC is leading the Women Veterans in STEM initiative to increase access to STEM education and training for women veterans, easing their transition from active duty and boosting their earning potential. The goals of the initiative are to raise the visibility of services for women veterans, galvanize industry and academia to support women veterans in thriving in the civilian workforce, and widely disseminate findings to propel positive changes for women veterans.

Key Activities

The key activities for the Women Vets in STEM project follow:

  • Produce a whitepaper series that synthesizes existing information about the current state of women veterans in STEM
  • Hold a convening that will yield recommendations for academia, industry, and public policy to strengthen the pipeline from service to STEM for women veterans
  • Hold a webinar series to spotlight key issues facing women veterans and to disseminate the convening findings and recommendations
  • Produce recommendations for key stakeholder groups to help them build pathways to STEM for women veterans


  • To address this issue through an intersectional lens, the convening will engage more than 75 researchers, policymakers, STEM industry leaders, university and community college leaders, nonprofit organizations, federal agencies that serve veterans, and women veterans.
  • The webinar series will reach over 100 key stakeholders from across the country who are interested in learning about and contributing to conversations about women veterans in STEM.
  • The recommendations will reach over 500 key stakeholders from across the country to help build pathways for women veterans in STEM.

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