In Zambia, the Ministry of General Education began implementing the Primary Literacy Programme (PLP) in 2013 to serve students from pre-primary through grade 7 across the country. However, several challenges to successful implementation of the PLP remain. These include inadequate teacher training, insufficient student resources, and a lack of community involvement in education.

The USAID Let’s Read Project focuses on improving reading outcomes for early-grade students from pre-primary through grade 3. The project seeks to increase the fidelity of the PLP and support the education system at all levels with a whole school-whole system approach.

Key Activities

USAID Let’s Read staff conduct the following activities:

  • Develop books and teaching and learning materials
  • Provide educators with professional development in evidence-based reading instruction
  • Develop and implement parent, community, and private sector engagement campaigns
  • Implement a Performance Tracking System (PTS) to help support the objectives of the PLP
  • Implement a pilot study that focuses on students who are hearing impaired and so require a different teaching approach


  • Reach over 4,250 Zambian schools with reading interventions, including 1.4 million students in pre-primary (kindergarten) and grades 1, 2, and 3
  • Procure and deliver over 5 million books, teacher’s guides, and other instructional materials
  • Train over 20,000 teachers in literacy instruction, who will receive mentorship and support

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