Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative


Public schools offer the promise of equal education for all students, yet many districts need help developing programs and policies that improve learning for students with disabilities. Since 1994, EDC has supported students with disabilities in urban school districts through the Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative (the Collaborative).

A national network of 110 urban school districts, the Collaborative is committed to improving the educational outcomes and life opportunities of children and youth with disabilities through leadership development. The Collaborative’s direct technical assistance to member districts addresses issues ranging from fostering culturally responsive educational systems and designing policies that promote improved student achievement to supporting districts in complying with state and federal laws.

Key Activities

The Collaborative works to maximize opportunities for students to participate with the curriculum and in classes with their peers in general education, as well as decrease inappropriate classifications of and services for students with disabilities. Its activities include:

  • Holding semi-annual member meetings, bringing together educational leaders from some of the largest urban school districts across the United States
  • Offering professional growth opportunities that enhance the knowledge and leadership skills of school administrators
  • Offering technical assistance to large urban school districts across the United States
  • Supporting districts in the creation of evidence-based policies and programs for students with disabilities


Promote improved student achievement for nearly 1 million students across the country

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Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative

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