Susan Ross



Susan Ross is a senior international development specialist with extensive experience in program management, design, and implementation. She has a strong commitment to promoting gender equity and improving learning outcomes around the world.

Over a 25-year career, Ross has supported basic and girls’ education, community participation, school infrastructure rehabilitation, and teacher professional development programs in Lebanon, Egypt, Haiti, and Bangladesh. She routinely directs the work of multiple partners, supports technical aspects of project implementation, and ensures compliance with USAID’s regulations and reporting requirements, while managing budgets of up to $50 million and overseeing staff of up to 3,000 employees. She is highly skilled at working in close coordination with government authorities, private-sector partners, and local communities.

Ross holds an MA in teaching from Emory University and an MA in public and private management from Yale University.

“Good teaching, not technology, is the most important tool for supporting effective instruction in the classroom.”

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Drawing on its extensive work in fragile environments, EDC developed this set of case studies that chronicles best practices, lessons learned, and stories of success.