EDC's Susan Bruckner staff portrait



Susan Bruckner is a senior international development specialist with extensive experience in basic education and program management. She brings to her current work a foundation rooted in practical experience as an educator, teacher trainer and mentor, and curriculum developer. 

In her role as project director and technical advisor to programs in Asia and Africa, Bruckner provides support to early grade reading and math, early childhood, community engagement, social and emotional learning, and social behavior change communications activities. A former elementary and middle school teacher, she also previously worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development as an education development officer, serving in Indonesia, Pakistan, and Rwanda. There she managed basic education and workforce development portfolios, as well as collaborated with ministries of education, nongovernmental organizations, private sector partners, and local communities to design and implement high-quality, sustainable programming and to inform policy.

Bruckner holds a BS and MS in comprehensive special education from the University of Maryland and Central Connecticut State University, respectively.

“Seeing the faces of children light up when they make a connection, discover something new, or succeed at a task—pure joy! Equipped with the right tools and strategies, any parent, caregiver, or teacher can inspire and support learning.”