Efforts to grow the STEM workforce have largely focused on students who are already interested in science, math, and technology. But success in STEM also requires many of the same 21st century skills—such as creative thinking, collaboration, and effective communication—that artists use every day.

The Authentic Art-Making as a Vehicle for Connecting to STEM Learning and Careers project (STEAM Power) is a joint venture between Partnering with Artists for Humanity (AFH) and EDC to expand opportunities for under-resourced youth in Boston by linking authentic art making with STEM practices. STEAM Power seeks to motivate students to consider STEM careers by drawing connections between the practices of artists and those of successful STEM practitioners. 

Key Activities

Through STEAM Power, staff conduct the following activities:

  • Refining and disseminating AFH’s approach to connecting under-resourced youth to potential STEM careers via their art making
  • Identifying and disseminating commonalities among STEM practices and artistic practices
  • Documenting opportunities and challenges for exploring STEM content and reasoning in art making

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