Regan Vidiksis, EDC senior researcher, is an expert in early childhood development and education. Her research advances knowledge of strategies to improve preschool STEM learning and promote the school readiness of young children in marginalized communities. She examines the impact of media and technology on early learning and is especially interested in understanding their potential to complement and support rich, meaningful interactions between children and adults. She also has a background in special education and has investigated innovative ways to enhance education for neurodiverse learners.

Vidiksis co-leads studies with funders such as the National Science Foundation and Sesame Workshop, which investigate strategies to support teachers and families in using technology to enrich children’s learning in developmentally appropriate ways. Her work includes the Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Engineering and Ready To Learn projects. Her contributions include intervention and measure development, project management, and qualitative analysis.

A published author, some of Vidiksis’s recent pieces have explored assessing early science learning and increasing early scientific literacy.

Vidiksis has an MS in Early Child Education and Special Education from Hunter College.