Lisa Hartenberger Toby, an experienced international development practitioner, leads the International Development Division’s (IDD’s) Knowledge Management initiative, including the implementation of data management and reporting systems. She is also a senior advisor to IDD’s ICT and Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning teams.

During her 20-year career, Hartenberger Toby has strengthened formal and alternative education systems, supported the appropriate use of technology for learning, led training initiatives, and built local capacity to deliver high-quality educational services. She was posted in the Philippines, Liberia, and Kenya as senior management and technical staff. She also has experience with EDC and other organizations working in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nepal, South Africa, South Sudan, and Zambia.

Hartenberger Toby has collaborated with ministries of education, funders, nongovernmental organizations, community members, and private sector partners to build sustainable, effective programs. Her articles have been published in the Quarterly Review of Distance Education and Global Health: Science and Practice.

Hartenberger Toby holds a PhD in International Communications from the University of Texas at Austin and is proficient in Spanish and French.