Deborah Boisvert, EDC senior project director, leads federal and state initiatives that broaden diverse K–16 learners’ participation in computing and data science. For over 20 years, she has built capacity across urban centers by providing professional development for educators; designing college and career pathways for students; promulgating problem-based learning and pedagogy; and creating connections among education, industry, government, and community.

As the co-principal investigator of EDC’s Innovation Pathways for Data Careers project, Boisvert is designing, developing, and building educator capacity for a data career option for Massachusetts high school students. She is also a computer science content expert for the Programming the Acceleration of Computing and Equity (PACE) program that supports the adoption of computer science as an important component of middle-school education.

Before joining EDC, Boisvert was the executive director of the Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC) Center for IT and Computing at the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

Boisvert holds an MBA in organizational management from City University, an MEd from the University of Massachusetts—Lowell, and a BS from Georgia State University.