EDC's Siobhan Murphy photo


Siobhan Murphy is EDC’s chief operating officer (COO) and interim president as of May 1, 2024. As COO, she oversees the Technology, Human Resources, and Operations Departments as well as the Office of Sponsored Programs. As a member of EDC’s Leadership and Business Strategy teams, she guides the development of annual plans and budgets for each of the departments, ensuring that the departments and the program divisions align to EDC’s strategy. She is also the Leadership Team’s representative on EDC’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, and as a corporate officer, she works closely with the Board of Trustees.

Siobhan leads company-wide initiatives that focus on improving the quality of work and work experience for staff. Examples include boosting efficiency through new enterprise systems, enhancing professional growth opportunities for staff, implementing systems to increase employee access to information, launching a fee-for-service line of business, and overseeing internal communications.

Siobhan has extensive managerial expertise in public health, specializing in the effective programmatic and fiscal management of complex contracts and projects. Previously, she served as deputy director of EDC’s former Health and Human Development Division, providing administrative oversight to 150 employees engaged in groundbreaking health, behavioral health, and safety initiatives.

Prior to EDC, Siobhan was director of program development at the Division of Public Health in the Boston Department of Health and Hospitals (now the Boston Public Health Commission), where she led coordination among projects, with a focus on management, operations, and technical assistance. Earlier in her career, she was a lobbyist for the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, the state’s association of cities, where she provided advocacy, policy analysis, and research to its members.

Siobhan holds a master’s degree from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and a BA, Honors Scholar, from the University of Connecticut.