Simon Richmond



A specialist in building inexpensive yet robust tools suitable for the challenging conditions of classrooms in the developing world, Simon Richmond, PhD, designs technology-based educational interventions for marginalized and underserved populations.

Richmond’s accomplishments include the creation of computer-based tools to help teachers evaluate and improve their teaching and an open source literacy assessment that makes it easier for teachers to get actionable feedback about student performance. He was also chief of party for EDC’s Tikwere! project in Malawi, which used interactive radio instruction to broadcast lessons to 2 million students and 20,000 teachers daily.

Richmond holds a PhD in urban services with a concentration in education technology from Old Dominion University.

“Too often there is more focus on the device than on the content. But the real tragedy is that context and purpose are overlooked completely. Does its purpose meet their real needs?”

Speaking Highlights

Mobiles for Vulnerable Groups

2013 MEducation Alliance International Symposium
Washington, DC
October 2013

mReading: e-Readers and Visual IRI

2012 Mobiles for Education Alliance International Symposium: Partnering for Scale and Impact
Washington, DC
September 2012

eEGRA: Developing Open Source Software to Test Literacy in Africa

eLearning Africa
Cotonou, Benin
May 2012

Field-Testing EGRA: Providing Instant EGRA Analysis at Classroom Level with a Digital Test in Central Asia and West Africa

Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society
Puerto Rico
April 2012



Just Back: Simon Richmond
EDC, January 26, 2011