An educator and scientist, Ruth Krumhansl is passionate about improving science education in the United States. Her work has a special focus on empowering students and teachers to use authentic data sets to learn about and solve problems—a critical skill in the age of big data.

As founder of EDC’s Oceans of Data Institute, Krumhansl conducts research and development to design innovative instructional resources that help teachers foster students’ data literacy, build their capacity to work with complex datasets, and support their mastery of essential tools and techniques. Her work has led to partnerships with IBM and NASA. She is also lead author of EDC Earth Science, a high school earth science curriculum.

 Krumhansl was previously a high school science teacher, a chief scientist and senior project manager in environmental consulting on Superfund sites, and a petroleum exploration geologist. She has a BA in biology from Bucknell University and an MS in environmental science from Antioch New England Graduate School.

“Equipping the next generation with strong data literacy skills is one of the most important things we can do to pave the way for a bright future.”


Speaking Highlights

Preparing Students for a Data Rich World

East Bay Education Collaborative
Warren, R.I.
April 2016

Oceans of Data Institute: Integrating Data Literacy into Science Education

Cutting Edge Digital Data Workshop
May 2015

Visualizing Oceans of Data: Using Learning Research to Inform the Design of Student Interfaces to Climate Data

American Geophysical Union Conference
San Francisco, CA
December 2013


Blog Posts

Selected Publications

Krumhansl, R., Kochevar, R., Malyn-Smith, J., & Ippolito, J. (2015). Building global data literacy: A workshop report. Waltham, MA: Education Development Center, Inc., Oceans of Data Institute.

Krumhansl, R. (2014). EDC earth science. Ronkonkoma, NY: LAB-AIDS.

Krumhansl, R., Peach, C., Foster, J., Busey, A., Baker, I., & DeLisi, J. (2012). Visualizing oceans of data: Educational interface design. EDC, Waltham, MA

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