Robert Spielvogel


Robert Spielvogel, vice president, is EDC’s chief technology officer, directing strategic planning and supervision of internal and external networks, web development activities, database systems, and content management systems throughout EDC. He also oversees several EDC programs, including the Center for Children and Technology in New York and the Regional Educational Laboratory Northeast and Islands.

His work includes strategic planning and direction of EDC’s research and development activities focused on K-12 education, and he conducts needs analyses, evaluations, and policy development for education systems that use technology to improve teaching and learning. Clients include MIT’s Media Lab, Intel Corporation, NASA, state education departments, and school districts.

Internationally, Robert is working with ministries of education in Indonesia, Macedonia, Zambia, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, and India as part of USAID-funded projects to develop ICT-based policies and innovations in education.

Robert holds a BA from Tufts University and an MA from Columbia University-Teachers College.