All students need strong social and emotional learning (SEL) skills and mental wellness to thrive. Yet COVID-19 and racial inequities are creating a new wave of stress, fear, and trauma for students, parents, and educators. While many districts provide limited SEL and/or mental health services, they often lack cohesive, districtwide systems of supports that promote their students’ social-emotional skills while addressing mental health needs.

Nationwide, EDC’s Rapid Assessment and Action Planning (RAAP) team supports districts in using data to design, strengthen, and sustain systems that promote students’ and educators’ SEL and mental wellness using research-informed and culturally responsive interventions. This work is part of a larger suite of SEL and mental health services that EDC provides around the world.

Key Activities

Using RAAP, EDC’s SEL experts work with districts to assess SEL and mental health system strengths, gaps, needs, and opportunities and develop ambitious and manageable action plans. Our experts provide the following services:

  • Two virtual trainings for district SEL and mental health teams that build local capacity to carry out assessment and action planning
  • Self-assessment tools and other research-based resources to support RAAP
  • Virtual technical assistance and coaching
  • Final report authored by our experts that presents assessment results; articulates district priorities; and outlines action steps, benchmarks, and outcomes

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