Latinx children make up 25 percent of the U.S. child population. However, Latinx adults comprise only 7 percent of  the STEM workforce. This underrepresentation speaks to the lack of opportunities for Latinx children to see their family values reflected in science learning and view role models of Latinx scientists in media.

To respond to this challenge, EDC is leading the La Fuerza-STEM project. In this project, EDC and Literacy Partners are developing and studying a science-infused, Spanish language telenovela and related workshops for Latinx families with children ages 3–8. The five-episode telenovela will be produced and broadcast by Univision.

Key Activities

The project is carrying out the following activities:

  • Inform the production of a STEM-infused, social purpose telenovela built around the lived experiences of Latinx families
  • Conduct a rigorous randomized control trial with 300 caregivers to evaluate the effectiveness of the workshops in amplifying Latinx families’ self-efficacy in science
  • Convene a Latinx parent advisory board to shape the development of culturally responsive media and workshops
  • Examine the potential impact of the telenovela on caregivers’ attitudes and beliefs
  • Develop workshops to further engage Latinx caregivers in the telenovela’s science messaging
  • Train and support 10–15 community partners in the delivery of the workshops


The project will:

  • Develop and broadcast a culturally relevant telenovela series with a potential reach of 7 million viewers
  • Roll out informal science workshops with 10–15 partner organizations across the United States.
  • Provide free training and access to a community of practice for facilitators working with Latinx communities

The study will:

  • Advance knowledge of the impact of culturally relevant media on the informal science attitudes and practices of Latinx families 
  • Improve understanding of how to amplify Latinx caregivers’ self-efficacy in informal science
  • Provide insight into the successes and challenges of providing informal science workshops  

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