All students need strong social and emotional learning (SEL) skills and mental wellness to thrive. Yet COVID-19 and racial inequities are creating a new wave of stress, fear, and trauma for students, parents, and educators. While many districts provide limited SEL and/or mental health services, they often lack cohesive, districtwide systems of supports that promote their students’ social-emotional skills while addressing mental health needs.

Nationwide, the EDC Solutions Education & Wellbeing team supports districts in using data to design, strengthen, and sustain systems that promote students’ and educators’ SEL and mental wellness using research-informed and culturally responsive interventions. This work is part of EDC Solutions and the larger SEL and mental health services that EDC provides around the world.

Key Activities

EDC’s Education & Wellbeing experts work with districts to assess SEL and mental health system strengths, gaps, needs, and opportunities and develop ambitious and manageable action plans. Our experts provide the following services:

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