March 15, 2021

EDC Joins National Call to Promote STEM

EDC and peer organizations call on President Biden to make excellence in STEM a national priority.

EDC has joined more than 100 universities, nonprofit organizations, private companies, and STEM learning programs in calling on President Biden to reaffirm that excellence in the STEM subjects is a crucial national priority.

In a letter submitted by the STEM Education Coalition, EDC and peer organizations call on President Biden to take a number of actions to promote STEM learning, including the following:

  • Re-launch the White House Science and Engineering Fair
  • Recognize the winners of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
  • Personally visit science and technology agencies and facilities across the federal government and public schools with excellent STEM programs, especially those in underserved communities

“President Biden has made clear his administration’s desire to ‘Build Back Better’ after the pandemic,” says Sarita Pillai, director of STEM & Workforce Success at EDC. “The STEM fields will play a critical role in the nation’s recovery, and we believe that President Biden has a historic opportunity to inspire more people, especially those from communities typically underrepresented in STEM, to become interested in these vital fields.”

Read the full letter here.